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Top Alternatives to CKZ Origins for Mac

CKZ Origins

CKZ Origins Free

The sequel to Contract Killer: Zombies!!

CKZ Origins is the follow up to the mobile game Contract Killer: Zombies!! where you play the role of Evelyn as she tries to rid Savehaven Research Center from hordes of killer zombies and get to the bottom of what caused the outbreak.

There are many missions to complete including a high-octane "Survival Mode" where you have to save as many civilians as possible from death by zombie. The number of weapons available make CKZ Origins a lot of fun including Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Grenades, Axes, Chainsaws, Health Packs and much more. Contract Killer: Zombies 2 is free but you can purchase extra items in game using your iTunes account.

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